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Walter Boggis is one of the three main antagonists of Fantastic Mr. Fox. His associates include Nathaniel Bunce and Franklin Bean. He is the first of the three farmers to have his chicken livestock stolen by Mr. Fox. After repeated thefts on Bunce and Bean's farms, Boggis allies with them to have Mr. Fox killed. Boggis is voiced by Robin Hurlstone.

About Boggis

According to Clive Badger, Boggis is described as one of the three "meanest, nastiest, ugliest farmers" in the history of the local valley. He is further described as "a chicken farmer, probably the most successful in the world. He weighs the same as a young rhinoceros (about 339 lbs., with a weight-loss goal of 273 lbs. as seen in-film). He eats three chickens every day. For breakfast, lunch, supper and dessert. (That's twelve in total per diem)."

Plot Involvment

Boggis's farm is the first in a three-stage plan by Mr. Fox to steal food for his family. The farm plan inititually consists of a few aged beagles, whom Mr. Fox tranquilizes with blueberries laced with sleeping powder. He and his accomplice Kylie are then confronted by an electric fence, a security measure missed in the heist plan. Fortunately for them, an opening to a closer chicken farm is available, allowing the two thieves to succeed in their plan, despite triggering an alarm. No sooner do they leave (via climbing up the still-active electric fence) does Boggis arrive, armed with a shotgun and two employees. He only finds his unconscious beagles and a single blueberry, which knocks him out after eating it.

After the farms of Boggis's neighbors Bunce and Bean have been raided by Mr. Fox, he joins them in an emergency meeting to discuss the fox's activities. Boggis's input is less than optimistic, claiming Mr. Fox is too clever for any of them. Bean disagrees and arranges them to ambush Mr. Fox outside his home. The plan is only partially successful as they succeed in shooting off Mr. Fox's tail, but fail to kill him in the process. Boggis then joins the other farmers into digging the Foxes out, who continue to dig themselves deeper into the earth. After failing to catch them with large bulldozers, Boggis, Bunce and Bean gather their entire collective work force from the farms and set up a large-scale sniper ambush, expecting starvation and thirst to coax the Foxes out of hiding. Upon hearing that Mr. Fox had pillaged everything from all three farms by means of tunnelling, Boggis and Bunce feel that they never should've agreed to join Bean, who flies into a rage.