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Petey is a minor character in the film Fantastic Mr. Fox. He serves as one of the thirty-seven farmers that work for Franklin Bean, most likely the senior employee, as Mr. Bean always contacts him for information. He also has a talent for music, frequently strumming his banjo. In one sequence, he sings a song about Mr. Fox with some other farmers, before Bean insults his performance. He is voiced by musician and singer-songwriter Jarvis Cocker.

Physical Description

Petey is portrayed as a human of middle age, with faint craggy facial features, including shaggy hair and a mustache and beard, plus thick glasses (all of which are very similar to Jarvis Cocker's own image). He wears a brown-colored sweater, matching trousers, heavy boots, with a walkie-talkie and electronic shoulder equipment. He carries a banjo with his name written on the head.

Plot Involvement

As one of Bean's employees, Petey is summoned by his boss after initial attempts to capture Mr. Fox and his family by Bean, along with neighbours Walter Boggis and Nathaniel Bunce have failed. With a collective total of one hundred and eight farmers formed into a military force surrounding the Foxes hole, Petey provides some entertainment during the vigil. While Mr. Fox and his friends raid all three farms, Petey leads some farmers, plus a news crew into a musical number, singing about Mr. Fox's exploits leading up to the present. Bean interrupts the performance, questioning Petey's talent, who simply says he made up the lyrics as he sang. Bean rudely dismisses it as bad songwriting and flicks his cigarette onto Petey's jacket, leaving him dumbstruck. Shortly thereafter, Petey informs Bean that Mr. Fox had successfully stolen everything from all three farms, resulting in Bean having a furious rage of random destruction, until he plans to flood the Foxes' hole with cider.