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Nathan Bunce is one of the three main antagonists of Fantastic Mr. Fox. His associates include Walter Boggis and Franklin Bean. He is the second of the three farmers to have his duck and goose livestock stolen by Mr. Fox. After repeated thefts on Boggis and Bean's farms, Bunce allies with them to have Mr. Fox killed. Bunce is voiced by Hugo Guinness.

About Bunce

According to Clive Badger, Bunce is described as one of the three "meanest, nastiest, ugliest farmers" in the history of the local valley. He is further described as "a duck and goose farmer. He’s approximately the size of a pot-bellied dwarf, and his chin would be underwater in the shallow end of any swimming pool on the planet. His food is homemade donuts with smashed-up goose livers injected into them" (the original novel reveals that this gave him both a foul temper and stomach aches).

Plot Involvement

After stealing chicken livestock from Boggis's farm, Mr. Fox and his accomplice Kylie journey to Bunce's farm, where despite a series of security cameras tracks their every movement, they easily evade capture. This is due to Bunce completely ignoring the camera monitors, his back turned to them, and reading a magazine on the Alpine mountains. A considerable supply of frozen ducks and geese are stolen as a result.

Bunce soon meets with his neighbors Boggis and Bean to discuss Mr. Fox's theiving. Bunce simply exclaims that the fox is laughing at them, but adds that he's too sneaky to kill. Bean explains that he's located the Foxes home and plans for them to ambush Mr. Fox, which all three farmers agree on. Their plan to kill Mr. Fox fails, as he falls into the trap, but only loses his tail in the process. Bunce then accompanies Boggis and Bean into digging the Foxes out, first with shovels, followed by caterpillar tractors, and finally a mass sniper team consisting of their collective work force at the farms. Bunce expects the Foxes to either starve to death, or be lured outside in an attempt to acquire food and be killed by the snipers. The farmers' expectations take a turn for the worse when they learn that Mr. Fox has pillaged all three farms of food, livestock and produce.